Channel Your Dark Side // Black Wallpaper

Channel your dark side using black wallpaper! Create a sultry scheme mixing twilight tones, daring wallpaper prints and luxury finishing touches.

“You can really add impact by echoing moody floral wallpaper and pairing with dark flooring – the depth will help create a cocooning and comforting feel.” says Abigail Watson, Co-Founder 1838 Wallcoverings.

As the days get shorter we’re craving the comfort of our homes. Here’s our top wallpaper selections, which channel the dark side, creating interior landscapes with huge impact, from blowsy blooms, irresistible patina effects and monochrome woodland scenes to velvety, textured patterns…

Black Wallpaper _0003_Layer 1

View Design >> MADAMA BUTTERFLY EBONY £99.00 per roll

Blowsy Blooms

Floral wallpapers are proving inspirational everywhere and with the Madama Butterfly design you can go big and bold! The elegant Chinoiserie large scale floral wallcovering, with a stunning hand painted silk effect appeal offers a romantic tone and captures blowsy blooms in all their glory. Coloured in ebony with tones of green and coral. Printed on a pearlescent gold paper for a real sense of luxury, Madama Butterfly is is the perfect choice to turn your interiors into a flower-filled retreat.

If you LOVE this wallpaper check out the Instagram account @flower_heart_flower who has done a bedroom makeover with this wallpaper! 



Black Wallpaper _0002_Layer 2

View Design >> PATINA JET £75.00 per roll

Patina Effect

Imagine aged, weathered surfaces bleached by the sun and eroded by nature’s elements, creating a textural patina wallpaper. A striking colour palette rich with depth and a coarse texture creates the most glorious, uncontrived elegance and gives an exciting edge. Raised metallic ink brings new depth and modern flair.



Black Wallpaper _0001_Layer 3

View Design >> Glade Jet £99.00 per roll

Woodland Scene

Soft sunrays peak through tree top canopies creating an ambience of a woodland walk. Inspiration taken from a work of art, this black and grey wallpaper has a simple monochrome palette. Inject a sense of grandeur, purity and calm to create a peaceful haven. Glade Jet, is timeless and will find a home anywhere from rustic cottages to ultra modern appartments.



Black Wallpaper _0000_Layer 4

View Design >> Verdi Ebony Flock £105.00 per roll

Textured Patterns

Bring the beauty of the natural world into your home with our leaf wallpaper. A beautiful silhouette leaf design encompassing some of our best printing techniques of opulent black flock. Nylon fibres are sprinkled on the surface of the soft sheen luxury wallpaper creating a soft velvet texture. Flock wallpaper has seen a resurgence in popularity over the number of years but has always maintained its classical beauty.