Sustainable Style

At 1838 Wallcoverings sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

As a responsible, caring, family-owned manufacturer, we are committed to constantly improving production and sourcing processes at our Lancashire factory.

Our wallpapers not only look great, but they allow customers to feel great about their choice.


• We use only water-based, non-toxic inks in the printing of our wallpapers, which are free from VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

• Designs are printed on responsibly sourced, non woven bases. Our non woven bases include a large percentage of wood pulp, a natural fibre.

• All the wood pulp used comes from FSC® certified forests. The Forest Stewardship Council ensures products come from responsibly managed forests and helps to care for forests and the people and wildlife who live there, so they will continue for future generations. At 1838 we are FSC certified (C119803), meaning we are part of the FSC Chain of Custody. We comply with all relevant FSC requirements and are proud to carry the FSC logo on our labels.

• When it comes to packaging, our cardboard boxes are made up of 70-80% recycled content and are 100% recyclable.

• Our shrink film is classed as LDPE and is manufactured using greater than 99% LDPE polymers. It therefore meets the OPRL basic rules for composition and according to their guidelines can be labelled as “suitable for recycling with polythene bags at larger supermarkets”.


• We are extremely proud to be a 0% to landfill manufacturer. Any waste created during production is sent away and either recycled or incinerated to make energy.

• We have a high-tech water treatment facility to ensure that any dirty water is fully filtered and clean when discharged into the sewers. Regular testing maintains the high standard of cleanliness.

• We are proud to confirm that we are now part of the IGI’s Environmental Product Declaration scheme, or EPD for short. The IGI is the Global Wallcoverings Association and their EPD scheme focuses on the environmental effects of the production, transport, and disposal of a weighted average of 1m² wallcoverings on non-woven base over a 10-year period. EPDs make it possible for businesses and consumers to compare the environmental impact of certain products to select the most sustainable option. We can use the IGI Eco Declaration symbol on our labels.


• Our wallcoverings are made to last. We use the highest quality raw materials to ensure our wallpaper will continue to look fabulous on the wall for years.

• We pride ourselves on the strictest quality checks.

• The Declaration of Performance (DoP) and the combined UKCA & CE symbol on our labels confirm our compliance with the Construction Products Regulation.

• All 1838 Wallcoverings can be hung anywhere within a commercial building as they have a European fire classification of B-s1,d0 and US fire classification Class A-ASTM E84-16.

• All our papers also achieve the highest air quality result, which is VOC Emissions Class Label of A+, based on the French regulations décret DEVL1101903D & arrêté DEVL1104875A.

• We work only with responsible suppliers who share our values.