International Wallpaper Week 2018

International Wallpaper Week 2018

Monday the 1st October sees the return of International Wallpaper Week. Celebrated by wallpaper lovers everywhere to raise awareness and remind everyone about the versatility of wallpaper as decoration within homes.

There is a lot of great themes used to celebrate this exciting week! At 1838 Wallcoverings we are focussing on busting the myths around wallpaper! Wallpaper is a beautiful addition to the home, ut some common misconceptions deter people from buying the product.

“Let’s get rid of the myths about wallpaper!”

Here’s our three myth busters

Hanging wallpaper is time-consuming and labour-intensive!

With new technology, wallpapers are simpler to hang and remove, and even less messy than paint. Time to say goodbye to the pasting table! All 1838 Wallcoverings are printed onto a non-woven substrate, which are even easier for the DIYer to hang, they do not expand or contract, and you paste the wall not the back of the paper. So, there’s no need for soaking, or folding for a few minutes to let the wallpaper expand.

Wallpaper is not eco-friendly!

All our wallpapers are made using a non-woven base, which is sourced from FSC certified forests. All our inks are water-based.

Wallpaper is not a good choice for bathrooms!

People have a vision of bathroom wallpaper peeling away at the first sign of steam, but the reality is very different. Using wallpapers with a non-woven base means they are breathable and suitable for steamy conditions.

Do you know of any further myths? We’d love to hear from you on our Social Media! Don’t forget to tag us and include #wallpaperweek to gain as much coverage as possible. If you require any further information about 1838 Wallcoverings, our non-woven base or how we manufacture our wallpapers please do get in touch with us at