Shine with the best metallic wallcoverings

Think golds, coppers, brass and silver: of course, not forgetting the ever popular and current Rose Gold. Bring your walls bang up-to-date and make your interiors shine with the best metallic wallcoverings.

Wallcoverings with a metallic sheen add a touch of glamour and luxury. Perfect in a smaller room as an effective tool for reflecting light. Rooms can be made to feel bigger and more open from the reflective surface throwing the light back around the room.

Fenton’ is a beautiful stipple texture on a mica ground which adds a subtle yet magnificent shimmer as it glistens in the light. In addition to the three colours shown, Fenton is also available in another three colourways. All complementary to any design scheme.

Metallic highlights offer a warming and opulent feel. Coloured in naturals and soft hues or bolder darker colours, like our ‘Avington’ design produced in a striking deep blue colour. Complementing the metallic highlights with shiny accessories really enhances the metallic appearance.

Furthermore, wallcoverings printed on a foil background are totally fabulous and give a complete light reflecting quality. Shiny metallic wallcoverings are ideally suited for an accent wall so they don’t over powering the overall interior design scheme.

Our Harewood wallcovering has become the focal point for a magnificent bedroom design. As a result the high foil background dreamily complements the natural wood beams and grey soft furnishings.

We love this shining, shimmering and splendid room!

Harewood Foil Wallpaper in a Bedroom

In conclusion whether you use it in the bedroom, living room or even your dining room, there is a metallic that will work for you. View our best Gold and Silver wallcoverings!

 Are your interiors ready to shine with the best metallic wallcoverings?


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