Elodie Collection – New September 2019

Metro Cassis and Le Toucan Rose

Elodie is a fitting title for the opulent collection, as this French girl’s name means wealth and riches. Rich in colour, design styles and luxurious embellishments, Elodie is inspired by Art Deco, a key interior trend for 2019/20.

In the 1920’s and 30’s Art Deco represented the combination of different styles with fine craftsmanship and luxurious materials, and our interpretation of the trend is perfectly in keeping with this spirit. Indulgent substrates, heritage printing techniques, decadent details and a sumptuous colour palette, not only capture the Zeitgeist of the past, but reinvent it for today’s interior schemes.

Clarice Cantaloupe 1907-138-04

8 designs make up the collection.

1.Le Toucan – 6 colourways – A statement design inspired by a vintage 1930’s poster and skilfully given hand painted qualities by surface printing, so that you can almost imagine the artist’s paintbrush forming the delicate plumage and flowing foliage. An endearing pattern with true charm in an array of chalky matt colours; pale blue, rose, emerald, amber glow, charcoal and soft grey. Dining furniture from

Le Toucan Pale Blue 1907-135-01

2. Metro – 7 colourways – Interlocking symmetrical lines create this stylish geometric design, typical of the Art Deco period and perfect for contemporary and classic living spaces alike. Select from the calming matt look of mustard or sand, shimmering silver grey, or with the added glamour of metallic and textured inks in the rich hues of midnight, cassis, jet and amber glow.

Metro Jet 1907-140-03

3. Astoria – 5 colourways – Opulent to the max, an Art Deco inspired fan design in the most indulgent techniques overlaid onto metallic crackle textures and offered in a decadent colour palette. Lavish, velvety flock in dramatic midnight or jet and neo mint textured print on a magnificent light-reflective foil base. For lighter, soothing tones opt for the exquisite ivory flock or pearl with glistening beads, both on a lustrous textile background.

Astoria Midnight 1907-139-01

4. Clarice – 4 colourways – Strikingly individual 1930’s floral with a retro vibe on bold, contrasting grounds which add pops of colour and a 3D dimension to this stunning pattern. Jet with flashes of cerise, soft blue with dusky rose, cantaloupe with bursts of green and emerald with hints of soft gold – thrilling colour combinations for breathtaking looks.

Clarice Jet and Metro Mustard

5. Maison – 4 colourways – Beautiful illustrative houses standing in a row creating quirky angles to give this design its vintage charm. On grounds of soft grey, rose, neo mint, or in ivory with a subtle lustre.

Maison Soft Grey 1907-137-04

6. Rosetta – 4 colourways – A simple take on a 1930’s floral with delicate, meandering leaves and flowers giving a naïve, stencil-like quality. The design plays beautifully with the contrast between soft sheen and matt effects in midnight, neo mint, rose and timeless monochrome.

Rosetta Jet and Emile Jet

7. Elodie – 4 colourways – Ideal for all four walls of your room, this small-scale Deco fan has a folded paper pattern and soft tonal washes with an almost 3D look in shades of ivory, honey, coral and glamorous burnished on luxury foil.

Elodie Burnished 1907-142-04

8. Emile – 8 colourways – Luxuriously coloured crackle texture with opulent metallic highlights. The perfect companion wallpaper for designs in the Elodie Collection, or use on its own for a deep, rich colour effect in sand, rose, neo mint, mustard, emerald, midnight and jet.

Emile Emerald 1907-141-03

Embrace indulgence and craftsmanship with the Elodie Collection.