Blue: Cool not Cold

Avington Wallpaper in striking deep blue huesBlue has often been deemed as a cool, cold colour when selecting colours for interiors, and yet in our lives it is the colour of everyday; from the sky and sea to the staple to every modern day wardrobe.

This year blue is making a fashionable return in interiors, with warm grey undertones, or a rich inkiness to those who choose to be more daring. There is a chalky appeal to the colours and within wallpaper the use of substrate or printing technique only adds to the organic and natural feel portrayed.

1838 has chosen a statement navy and have teamed it with a sophisticated mid blue and gold highlights to create the striking “Avington” design. The use of surface print as a technique adds a warmth and beauty to the design, emulating a modern day moiré.  Statement in design and colour, and yet the palette and technique allow this paper to be versatile enough to compliment any style and room within your home.

Harewood is another paper that 1838 have also printed using Inky Blue has a base colour. Inspired by 18th Century Chinoiserie, the blue although deep in tone has a softness about it. It has been teamed with neutrals by use of a stunning textural surface printed design, allowing the design to become the statement and not the colour, making this paper relaxed and easy to use.

The beauty of the inky blue is that it is incredibly versatile as a colour, and complements almost every other colour. Add mustards and oranges for a strong statement, or tone down with muted pastel and whites for a softer more relaxed feel.