1838 Wallcoverings, a Company Steeped in Wallpaper History

Fairhaven 18381838 Wallcoverings is the first product range to be launched by The Surface Print Company, but don’t be fooled, the collection represents generations of wallpaper production and knowledge using traditional fabrication methods, combined with the latest digital printing and finishing techniques, to produce a truly stunning end result.

1838 Wallcoverings produce their fine grade wallpaper in Lancashire, England; this area has a significant importance to the world of wallpaper, as it was here that the first Calico Printers were designed, and used, to make the process of Surface Printing on textile possible. This process, invented in the 1830’s, paved the way for production in the area with the final process for wallpaper production being crafted in 1838. Of the hundreds of original Calico Printing machines that then operated, it is thought only around 20 remain in use worldwide, 4 of these machines produce the 1838 Wallcoverings.

James Watson, Managing Director of 1838 Wallcoverings, discusses the significance of using traditional methods. “The production techniques we use in the factory have been passed down through generations, my father was passionate about the craftsmanship in our production techniques and that is why we employ the finest craftsmen, and engineers, to ensure our printing machines are well looked after and produce the finest quality wall coverings in the world.”

Looking around the 1838 Wallcoverings manufacturing facility and it is immediately evident that tradition plays a significant role in the company’s product, yet, where possible modern techniques are employed to produce unique and unfailing results. The high quality inks being used to produce the wallpaper are hand mixed but under specialist lighting to ensure optimal match-up, some of the designs are finished using newer digital, flock and surface texture machines, and the packaging of the product ensures that it lands with the customer safely. All of this has enabled 1838 Wallcoverings to offer a consistent and well-received product in a worldwide market.

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