Willow Collection – Inspired by Nature


2008-143-01 Water Lilies Bracken Grasscloth

Water Lilies Bracken – new luxurious grasscloth wallcovering



Nature is far too beautiful to be left outside. In this hectic, always-on world many of us are seeking a calm space to relax, recuperate and revive. Patterns that recall nature are the perfect antidote to stress, promoting a feeling of well-being and calm to create a sanctuary at home. The Willow Collection encompasses aquatic inky florals, handcrafted basket weave textures, watery ripples and bird life entwined in leafy hedgerows. Take a leisurely browse through the stunning designs…..

WATER LILIES – Adorned with aquatic inky florals and soft textures in graduating watercolour tones to give a graceful touch to this dramatic leaf floral. In chamomile pink (below), mineral green, blue dusk, caramel and honey, or the breathtaking bracken grasscloth.

2008-143-06 Water Lilies Chamomile

HEDGEROW – Delicate fern fronds and blooms create a habitat for an array of birdlife with pops of exotic colours against a soft sheen background in bracken, blue dusk and copper, or on a matt background in mineral (below) and chamomile.

2008-144-02 Hedgerow Mineral

PRISM – Watercolour crystal shards form reflections softly hitting the water with subtle vignettes of dark and light ombré stripes. In contemporary shades of blue dusk, mineral, caramel and heather.

2008-151-02 Prism Blue Dusk

WILLOW – An intricate basket weave design with a handcrafted look in natural muted colours of barley, honey, pearl and soft silver.

2008-148-02 Willow Barley

RATTAN – Interlocking shapes form a woven screen and give the traditional weave a modern twist with metallic highlights and textured inks in dramatic bracken, burnt orange and blue dusk. For added impact, rose gold and chamomile are light-reflecting foils.

2008-147-03 Rattan Blue Dusk

FUSION – A dramatic fusion of effects – look through the bold, geometric grid to the contrastingly coloured marble background beyond. Bracken, mineral and blue dusk are overlaid with soft tactile flock, whilst the lightly textured pearl overlay (below) is surface printed.

2008-145-04 Fusion Pearl
BRAMBLE – Delicate meandering leaves cascade gently down your walls creating subtle shades of sparkling beads in mineral, blue dusk and chamomile, or shimmering copper in caramel.

2008-149-02 Bramble Mineral Bead

RIPPLE – Recalling the glistening ripples of streams with soft flowing lines and iridescent, light -reflecting inks in bracken, mineral, blue dusk and shimmer.

2008-146-04 Ripple Shimmer

QUARTZ – Continuing the marble trend with soft watercolour washes in mineral, blue dusk, caramel and chamomile.

2008-150-03 Quartz Caramel

SERENA – A tactile, soft sheen, woven texture in ivory, copper, silver and barley which coordinates beautifully with designs in the Willow Collection.

1703-115-04 Serena Barley

You can browse the entire Willow Collection here, or flick through the pages of the online Willow brochure on our Brochures Page for further inspiration. We hope you’ll enjoy the collection as much as we enjoyed creating it!