Archive Designs

Rosemore Archive Design

We are very lucky at 1838 Wallcoverings to have our own family archive designs of wallcoverings. This archive stretches back centuries.

We describe the style of  1838 wallcovering collections as modern classic; and as our inspiration derives from timeless archive designs, given up to date twists, whether this be through current colour trends or applying beautiful techniques of manufacturing in our Lancashire factory. We are able to give our archived designs a new lease of life making them relevant to today and passing on the historical but far from old fashioned wallpaper designs of British manufacturing.

Our Rosemore and Avington collections featured the designs Rosemore, Harewood and Prior Park. All of these have been taken from our own archives. Each a strong design proven to stand the test of time, they have been updated, current trend elements have been added and the designs have now been given a new lease of life, allowing new generations to enjoy their beauty