Time for a change

The changing seasons are well upon us with beautiful autumnal colours to inspire. Why not create a cosy retreat with our rich, warming palettes of trending hues and stunning printed effects?

Forever Green

Nature will continue to play an inspirational role in design and colour direction throughout the next year. Green shades in all their glory; sophisticated hues of neo mint, warming olive and intense emeralds all bring our thoughts back to nature in a comforting, relaxed way. Green also represents growth and renewal, so with a new year shortly upon us it’s a great time to incorporate these enriching shades into our home décor, inspiring positivity and perhaps plans of new ventures for the year ahead.

Mimosa Olive Green

Felci Olive Green

Intense & Warm

Sandstones are the warming shades of gradient colours for this season from rich chocolate browns and hot russets to warm clays, these sumptuous colours bring an instant connection to the earth making us feel grounded and cosy, perfect for autumnal and winter nights. Combining these hot shades with metallics will give your room a warm glow and an instant feeling of luxury.

Lakeside Autumn 2109-155-01

Let’s Be Berry

Embrace deeper berry shades as the months grow colder. By using these darker shades, you will create a sense of intimacy, a cocooning effect, a warm secure space that we’re all yearning for in these unpredictable times. Deep berry shades give a sense of drama to your space, but when paired with pinks and warm natural tones you can bring another dimension and harmony to your interior. For a glamorous touch, try mixing berry shades with pops of gold or copper from light fittings, furniture and accessories.

Capri Pink Stucoo Wallpaper 1838 Wallcoverings

Metro Cassis and Le Toucan Rose