The Elegance Of Damask

hampton-1601-106-04-640Damask refers to a particular weaving technique that began in Asia nearly a thousand years ago. In the 12th century, when textiles from the Far East began to make their way into Europe, damask fabric (made from fine silk) was considered a luxury item.

The ancient city of Damascus became a major hub for the import and export of textiles from the East during the 12th Century. This is how damask fabric got its name.

Later in the 19th Century, wallcoverings imitated everything from carpets, tapestries and fabrics. The history and the elegance of Damask makes the design a timeless classic available in many colours, usually with a significant contrast in colours to enhance the intricate pattern.

Our Damask wallcoverings evoke the grandeur of English Stately homes and the traditions of country gardens. From bold textures of flock, coloured in blues and golds through to delicate small-scale damask in chalky greys and subtle neutrals.

The traditional beautiful scroll damask of Hampton, coloured in soft hues with metallic damask will make a statement in any space; perfect for living rooms, hallways and dining rooms where you want to create a sophisticated look. Broughton showcases more delicate and subtle damask scrolls with an all over pattern that’s easy to live with. For a dramatic look, dare to use large, bold and textured damask. Faversham would transform and make smaller spaces more interesting, like cloakrooms and closets.

“Although damask is known as being a traditional motif, we have pushed the boundaries when producing Faversham by using the traditional technique of flocking and pairing with the surprise of the latest technology in digital printing,” says 1838 Wallcoverings Creative Director, Abigail Watson. 

Whatever the colour, size, shine or texture of Damask you desire you’re sure to create an elegant and luxurious feel to a room.

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