Modern Archives are back

Trend Alert: Modern Archives

What better time to re-introduce some inspiring, hand-crafted designs? As we become ever more aware of our throwaway society, we find ourselves longing for designs that have stood the test of time, designs that are more visually appealing with a beautiful nostalgic charm. In this way we not only add personality into our homes, but also revive our heritage of vintage pattern for everyone to enjoy for years to come.

Pavilion Rose 2109-153-01


At 1838 we repurpose our amazing hand-crafted designs. This starts with considering what can be made and developed with archive patterns. We can give original pieces of art and textiles a new lease of life, a new purpose, but at the same time cherish what was already there.

Bird Sonnet Blush 2109-157-03


This is the fun part!

The Design team can express their creativity by experimenting in an eclectic and contrasting way, combining unusual colour combinations and then printing designs onto luxury textured papers. Experimentation allows our design to take on another quality and dimension. We can do this by using matt, chalky inks to give that old-style printing quality we all love, or by using sumptuous metallics and soft sheen papers to add impact and drama, bringing these stunning designs back to life.

The Pavilion Collection reflects the modern archive trend perfectly. Heritage looks are brought up to date with contemporary colour palettes and stylish special effects. Let us inspire your interior decor plans with our luxurious edit of archive influenced wallcoverings.