How to hang flock wallpaper


Flock wallpaper is a gorgeous addition to any room. The velvet-like look and feel is perfect for adding some dimension and luxurious layering to your walls. When it comes to hanging flock wallpaper, there are a few things you need to know. Here’s our handy how-to guide on hanging flock wallpaper.

What is flocked wallpaper?

Flock wallpaper is paper that features a pattern or design which mimics the look of velvet. Centuries ago, ‘flock’ was a powdered waste product of the woollen cloth industry. It was used on wallpaper to create intricate designs, probably not too dissimilar to the ones you see today. The process of ‘flocking’ involved taking fibres from the flock powder to create that velvety-like appearance and texture. Today, flock wallpaper is typically made from nylon or polyester fibres.

The flocking process creates a compact raised surface of a pattern or design. This appearance is perfect for adding some decadent detail, visual depth and warmth to a room. Plus, one of the great things about flocked wallpaper is its diversity. There are so many different designs to choose from including the more traditional damask patterns, modern twists on old favourites, as well as contemporary geometrics.


Tools you will need to hang flock wallpaper

If you’re hanging flock wallpaper yourself, you’ll need several essential tools to hand. So, before getting started, you’ll need:

  1. Wallpaper paste
  2. Roller, tray and brush for spreading the paste
  3. Plumb line
  4. Soft, clean roller
  5. Knife
  6. Clean, damp sponge
  7. Optional cotton gloves

How to hang flock wallpaper

  1. Apply the paste directly to the wall.
  2. If you want to, put on a pair of cotton gloves to handle the paper. This protects your hands from getting covered in any loose fibres. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any gloves or don’t want to wear them, you can handle flock paper without gloves just fine.
  3. Apply the paper to the top of the wall first making sure that the pattern is the right way up and matches any wallpaper that is already hung.
  4. Once in the correct position, lightly run a clean, soft roller over the paper to secure it in place. Avoid any harsh brushes, smoothers or hard rollers as these will damage the flock and ruin the integrity of the material.
  5. Use your hands and firmly press the paper along the edges to avoid any lifting as the paste starts to dry.
  6. Using your knife, carefully trim away any excess paper as needed.
  7. If you’ve got any paste on the front of the paper while hanging, it’s important to remove it straight away with a soft damp sponge.
  8. There will be excess flock fibres, so once the paste has dried, give the wall a gentle vacuum with the soft bristle attachment to remove any excess or loose flock.
  9. That’s everything, you’re finished.

How to clean flock wallpaper

 When it comes to everyday care, flock wallpaper is fairly low maintenance. For removing dust or cobwebs, always use a hoover with a soft bristle attachment. Avoid using hard bristle brushes as these can scratch and damage the flock texture causing fibres to become loose and fall off. Using a hoover will clean any dust and dirt while catching any fallout at the same time. Just remember to be gentle and don’t use too much pressure when hoovering.

Also, never use any kind of cleaning products on flock walls, even if they are water-based. Flock wallpaper isn’t waterproof, and any damage could be irreversible. If you do spill or mark your walls, use specialist products on the affected area.

Flock wallpaper is an indulgent and stylish choice if you’re looking to add some wow-factor to your home. And just because it looks expensive, doesn’t mean it’s tricky to hang. Now you know how, will you be giving it a go? Make sure to share your tips, tricks and pictures with us! Explore our range of decadent, velvety flock wallpapers.