Essence Collection – New for 2022

Purity Cork from the Essence Collection

Nature’s Essence Trend

The essence of nature in its purest form inspires. Ethereal watercolour leaves, cascading flowers and translucent seed pods sit alongside organic crystal and mineral formations in the Essence Collection. In an unpredictable world, there is a craving for the natural over the manmade and a desire to create living spaces that nourish the body and mind. Essence explores the intrinsic qualities of the natural world and its balancing effect on us. Colour tones and hues taken from the earth, forests and oceans bring a deeper connection to nature and a feeling of well-being.

The designs celebrate the natural world around us and include two luxurious special effect wallcoverings; real cork and hemp grasscloth, truly embracing the beauty and authenticity of organic materials.

Essence Grasscloth & Purity Cork

Nature Inspired Colour Palette

Colours inspired by organic and natural pigments, alongside dramatic tones, used to evoke a feeling of deeper emotions.

  1. Fruits – Rich dramatic rhubarb hues paired with coppery reds, pops of mango and chocolate shades adding luxury and depth in their most subtle forms whilst evoking feelings of relaxation.
  2. Minerals – A beautiful mineral richness of soft grey tones, agate blues, aquamarine and warm carnelian inspire this pallet of organic colours created by our planets ever-changing landscape and rock formations.
  3. Evergreen – this year’s must-have colour. Vibrant and earthy tones of forest green, olive and eucalyptus reach new dimensions celebrating nature’s essence. Pair with orchid pinks to create a stunning contrast, or use a soft ombre pallet of subtle green washes to create a feeling of well-being and mindfulness.

Essence – five colourways, including one grasscloth

A stunning leaf design adorning walls with fading watercolour tones and delicate trailing orchids. Surround yourself with the beauty of nature and escape to a calming environment to relax and unwind.

Essence Orchid Pink

In a choice of 4 select shades; vibrant orchid pink, aquamarine teal, soft pink quartz and lustrous sable black. For the ultimate in luxurious textured wallcovering, Essence is also offered in a hemp grasscloth.

Essence Grasscloth

Purity – five colourways, including one cork

Soft curving lines create the all-over pattern inspired by multi-cellular shapes found in nature’s very own organic garden. A soothing, simple pattern of coral forms that is surface printed for a hand-painted effect to reflect nature at its purest.

Select from 3 stylish shades; porcelain on a lustrous cream background, forest drenched in deep green and the chalky matt Prussian blue. Purity is also available in real cork to truly embrace the authenticity of natural materials.

Purity Forest Green

Mineral – four colourways

A fusion of two patterns with luxurious textile qualities and reminiscent of the Japanese Shibori technique. In the background, brush strokes form imperfect horizontal lines replicating the textured layers of natural minerals in the earth, overlaid with the softly blurred edges of a handcrafted geometric design.

Mineral is offered in 4 soothing shades; butter cream, eucalyptus green, agate blue and marble grey.

Mineral Eucalyptus

Honesty – four colourways

Inspired by the silvery iridescent oval seed pods of the honesty plant and taking a modern twist on nature with floating overlays of contrasting translucent colours. Aptly named Lunaria in Latin, the moon shaped pods of the plant represent honesty, sincerity and money.

Honesty is available in 4 multi-coloured options; opal blue with flashes of indigo and coral, peridot green with touches of red, shell with shades of pink and orange, pebble with mocha and grey tones.

Honesty Opal Blue

Cascade – five colourways

Imagine looking out of your window on a rainy day and taking time for reflection and contemplation. Delicate washes of colour cascade and fall in abundance, creating a beautifully blurred waterfall of flowers and a serene, tranquil mood.

There are 5 beautiful shades in Cascade; clover green, cornflower blue and warm sand with mauve hues, which have a smooth matt background. In contrast, mango red and opal green have a soft sheen ground to enhance the hazy reflective look.

Cascade Clover

Serenity – four colourways

Taking inspiration from tall grasses, rustling, over-hanging trees, and the calming flow of a river, this design instantly takes you to a peaceful place and evokes feelings of relaxation and mindfulness. A contemporary look created from a landscape photograph fused with a textural woven print to form a gentle striped ombré effect down your walls.

In a choice of 4 contemporary colours; sepia grey, indigo blue, celadon green and dahlia with a golden sheen.

Serenity Celadon Green

Crystalline – four colourways

Nature provides a profusion of wonderful patterns and here the soft patina effect of organic materials allows us to reconnect with the earth. Natural crystal forms and the different textural tones throughout rock formations create visual contrasts in this modern, large scale, tile design.

Opt for one of the matt contemporary colours; emerald green, agate blue, carnelian brown or quartz grey.

Crystalline Carnelian

Explore the new Essence Collection and take refuge in the serene beauty of nature to craft a soothing, restful aesthetic in your home.