Design Central // 2-3 Oct


Design Central is the largest trade event in the North of England. Held at Colshaw Hall Near Knutsford on the 2nd and 3rd of October 2018. Run by Cath McCubbin an experienced Interior Designer. Her belief is that you should not have to pay to see prospective or current suppliers at an event, and that if like her you are constantly in and out of the office, trying to find time to make appointments to see reps is not easy.

Not wanting to waste their time, by you having to dash away for some onsite emergency as soon as they arrive, she thought it would be easier to set aside a couple of days to see everyone you want to in one place. Colshaw Hall is a stunning location that allows companies to display their collections in a beautiful setting.

1838 Wallcoverings will be exhibiting across the two days and are located in the new marquee.