Luxury Real Cork Wallcovering

Purity Cork Wallcovering

Cork Trees

Cork is a natural and renewable product that’s anti-static and anti-allergic. Cork oak forests regulate the hydrological cycle, protect against fire and promote high levels of biodiversity. The cork used by 1838 is from trees in Portugal and is FSC certified.

It’s removed without damaging the trees in a manual process that doesn’t use any polluting machines. The cork bark then regenerates on the tree. It will not be harvested again for at least 9 years and then only if strict rules are met that protect the forests. 100% of the cork extracted is used. Any waste can be reincorporated into the production process, or is used for things like shoe soles, isolation panels or yoga mats. To produce the wallcovering, the cork is combined with a layer of non woven backing.

Printing on Cork

We print on the cork base in our Lancashire factory using only water based, non-toxic inks, which are environmentally safe and free from VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Our skilled craftsmen still mix all the inks by hand and colour match by eye. The cork is surface printed for a hand-painted effect to reflect nature at its purest. Surface printing is a heritage technique pioneered in Lancashire in 1838, hence our brand name. Our rare machines are over 100 years old and still print beautiful wallcoverings.

Eco-friendly Cork Wallpapers

The cork background provides a wonderful natural texture to truly embrace the authenticity of natural materials in the home. We have 2 cork designs to select from, both patterns inspired by nature for a soothing, balancing effect. The soft, curving lines of Purity reflect the beautiful coral forms found in the oceans, whilst Verdi features a simple leaf silhouette.

Browse both designs and order samples here.