Colour Trend // Seafoam


Bathroom with wallpaper from 1838 Wallcoverings colour trend seafoam

Created with a touch of green, blue and a bit of grey, seafoam, wherever it is used, creates a calming effect. It is the perfect reflection of nature as it consists of the combination of green and blue. Seeing this colour will brighten your day and steal your heart with its different hues and calming abilities. When used in your home it’s refreshing, a little nautical with qualities of coastal areas and very capacious. Most commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens as it resembles water and evokes a sense of cleanliness, it is also ideal for a baby’s room to create a calming environment or it can be used to establish a feminine feeling in bedrooms.

Seafoam goes well with many colours. The most balanced and peaceful combination would be white. Seafoam looks great in combination with brown tones too. That’s why, a must have in houses with dark, wooden furniture and floors. The harmony will be just perfect! If you want to bring the harmonic and relaxing nature of seafoam to your environment pair with butter yellow, white, off-white and pastel green shades alongside seafoam. Are you brave when it comes to colours? We have another suggestion: Purple. Don’t forget to establish a balance. To keep the calm atmosphere, use lilac and violet shaded accessories resulting in a striking and matching result!

Our new collection ‘Aurora’ will be launched at the beginning of September featuring seven beautiful designs, coloured in hues of seafoam.

“Soft sunrays peak through tree top canopies creating an ambience of a woodland walk.  Inspiration has been taken from a work of art and rediscovered with deep teal brush strokes, dabs of its corresponding colour partner, tangerine orange and uplifting white. Designed to create a sophisticated sense of the outdoors, indoors. This intriguing woodland wallpaper will take you on a comforting and soothing walk through the woods.” Michelle Todd, Head of Design Image: Glade Seafoam


Glade will be available online from Monday 3rd September 2018. For more colour inspiration, check out our latest Pinterest board!