Aurora // Launching 3 September 2018

1838 Wallcoverings are delighted to be launching ‘Aurora’ a contemporary collection of luxury wallcoverings, capturing the intriguing elements of an island getaway.

High coloured, surface printed botanical florals, soothing woodland scenes, textured patina effects and elegant feather overalls, enriched with colours taken from nature, delivering a warm yet invigorating colour palette. The muted-mid tones are enhance with deep rich, warming shades of mustard yellow and lagoon blue whilst jet black is adding strength and depth.

James Watson, Managing Director, is delighted with the company’s new collection: ‘The collection has been designed to incorporate all nature’s elements, feeding our desire to escape from the demands of busy life, giving a feeling of comfort, renewed vibrancy and sense of connection. We really want to take people on a journey of discovery through the design, colour and textures of the collection.’

Aurora Mist WallpaperAURORA High coloured, surface printed botanical floral. Drawing inspiration from nature’s elegance. £85.00 per roll


Hummingbird Mustard WallpaperHUMMINGBIRD Illustrative botanical floral and hummingbirds showcasing the natural forms of island fauna. £65.00 per roll


GLADE Take a soothing stroll through the woods as soft sun rays peak through tree top canopies. £99.00 per roll


Tranquil Seafoam WallpaperTRANQUIL Delicate feather overlays give elegance to a display of brilliant plumage with soft metallic highlights. From £65.00 per roll


Patina Beach WallpaperPATINA Imagine aged, weathered surfaces bleached y the sun and eroded by nature’s elements creating a textured patina effect. £75.00 per roll


PEBBLE Delicate shapes creating an all over interlocking design, inspired by natural pebble formations. From £65.00 per roll


RAFFIA A simple grasscloth texture, designed to coordinate with the Aurora collection. £65.00 per roll